вторник, 19 июля 2011 г.

Human Centric Interfaces (HCI main concepts) (only english)

The HCI – concentrate on user workflow, interaction between computer systems and human events.
HCI will have fully abstraction level from hardware part and program execution.

This is main concepts of HCI

- help system for user integrate in program interface (like Ribbon in Microsoft Office products or Graphite Modeling Tools in Autodesk products like 3ds max or Inventor and so on...)

- flying programmable view and panel window system (like Mari from The Foundry)

- accessible touch-screen interaction with program interface and managed multi-window system

- workflow interaction recording system for creating help resources (like scripts in Photoshop - but not same)

- scrip listing all user events and all user operations in program product (like in Autocad but not same)

- script managed code for all workflow process in program

- file interaction in interface program and logic of program, without using OS file managers (like Autodesk Smoke or Fume software)

- integrated node system and node encapsulation of events, and node programming (like Nuke from Foundry and Softimage from Autodesk)

- division on two terminals – user and main system (like Cloud systems and software products like CATIA lineup from Dassault Systems)

- instruments for collaborative work on different user terminals and also collaborative work instruments inside program products

- integration in one product and one program - one interface and same logic of user interaction

- if the software and program product not concentrate on 3d modeling and 3d prototyping – all user work results will available and present in scheme view, if not (for 3d) – all work process and end result available instantaneously in user interface (realtime rendering)

- over concepts of HCI not present in this document (will available in presentation format or presented like integration in beta products of cc group)

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