вторник, 19 июля 2011 г.

Human Centric Interfaces (HCI main concepts) (only english)

The HCI – concentrate on user workflow, interaction between computer systems and human events.
HCI will have fully abstraction level from hardware part and program execution.

This is main concepts of HCI

- help system for user integrate in program interface (like Ribbon in Microsoft Office products or Graphite Modeling Tools in Autodesk products like 3ds max or Inventor and so on...)

- flying programmable view and panel window system (like Mari from The Foundry)

- accessible touch-screen interaction with program interface and managed multi-window system

- workflow interaction recording system for creating help resources (like scripts in Photoshop - but not same)

- scrip listing all user events and all user operations in program product (like in Autocad but not same)

- script managed code for all workflow process in program

- file interaction in interface program and logic of program, without using OS file managers (like Autodesk Smoke or Fume software)

- integrated node system and node encapsulation of events, and node programming (like Nuke from Foundry and Softimage from Autodesk)

- division on two terminals – user and main system (like Cloud systems and software products like CATIA lineup from Dassault Systems)

- instruments for collaborative work on different user terminals and also collaborative work instruments inside program products

- integration in one product and one program - one interface and same logic of user interaction

- if the software and program product not concentrate on 3d modeling and 3d prototyping – all user work results will available and present in scheme view, if not (for 3d) – all work process and end result available instantaneously in user interface (realtime rendering)

- over concepts of HCI not present in this document (will available in presentation format or presented like integration in beta products of cc group)

суббота, 16 июля 2011 г.

some gpu renders (vehicles)

I will decide to add in my blog some renders/images created in my free time.
In this threat i will be publicate and add new images rendered by me on GPU.
Я решил добавить в свой блог несколько рендеров/изображений сделанных в мое свободное время.
В данной ветке я буду публиковать и добавлять новые изображения отрендеренные мной на GPU.