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tablet - is future?(only english)

Second message in my blog, what is will be (i think) ideal mobile phone... and also previosly - many people thinking about personal computing like small device is mobile phone or small laptops like netbooks, but after time we all see - that is not case.

Case is Tablet computers - and in this not advertising message - i am will talk about 2-or-5 cool(or not) products - but not about iPad2 - present 2 days early on GDC2011. I work on game for platform iOS and iPad2 - and i think - this nice device with good design for gaming, fun, and some tasking...

If you think about real professional work - you need more programmable product, may be with keyboard - but like i say - not netbook...

First device is

1) ASUS Eee Slate EP121 (based on Windows 7) - this is some official inf.


and videos



I am only say - in prof. work you need real power of you CPU, also you need real keyboard, and... you need your software! (i am use many software that work only on Windows - maybe later we will see some new cool software for Android or Real Linux adaptation for tablets) (also i use Linux and linux opensourse software)

second device is also ASUS

2)Eee Note EA800 (Linux)


I think is cool devise for writing information in personal real notebook like we are previously write all our information on paper. This not ended technologically device - by i think you understand main idea - "Way you working - way you actions - what you need"

third device is also ASUS... no =)... is Samsung - showing firstly on CES2011 later on MWC2011

3)Sliding PC 7 (Windows 7) this is some official inf.


and video


this main idea - transforming from planshet to laptop form (with keyboard) - that absolut needed... why other company not show same style of products - this is so normal - translate you personal computer device from viewing tool - to work-able instrument (may be i added also same wacom technology for painters)

maybe HP?

4)TouchSmart tm2t series (Windows 7) (pc tablet with they own transforming style) - but in real you may write any other hardware creator - i don't write - what this all previously devices is ideal - i only have say - that they all have - Idea and Purpose - this is main!!!

official info




and final is iPad killer

5)Samsung GalaxyTab (Android)

main info


7 inch version


May-be today is very soon for product in this dimensions – like 7 inch. People not prepare for work in this form-factor, also Android 2.2 not so good... new GalaxyTab2 will coming soon with new Android OS, maybe with new Tegra2 (-nvidia cool chip) and 10 inch dimension, but in future 7 inches devices will be have 1st interest =).

Like designer(and software engineer) i don't like no-one, i see problems with not-ended design in Samsung devices, i see Apple stable one form design problem, and HP corporation style gape, also all devices have in hardware part not solve problems, and not to mention about software part...

If you create new device you have many problems that you need to perform - if you don't know for that purpose you create your device - you does not know that problems you need solve in first order - but this is important!

Also i think that Samsung one most innovative hardware(or not only) company in the world with diversionable business model...

it's place for iPad2 but... (in ipad2 not worked Adobe flash player, and difficults in translating information from device to device) - it's not instrument for viewing and translating information, but XOOM is...

6)Motorola XOOM (Google Android) - is best!


with Adobe flash player, Google Chrome (HTML5) technology possible to see in internet in nova days many learning videos and shemes and brain maps, 50 percent of my time i am learning... and with xoom it's real today - learning in any place in any time. (also for software enginers open system like Android more interesting than with closed parts iOS) (after i buy this device/very soon =) i am plan to write some cool free programs for help-learning purposes)

this video about opposition apple devices and other - like motorola xoom =)

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