четверг, 15 марта 2012 г.

new blogs => Fusion Learning / Another Script

Now - I try to start new two blogs (maybe now - i not have enough time for writing - i still have some large code-based "Projects Behind" - that also needed time) =>

This is about core principles of learning. First future publication will be about traditional languages and about forming this languages in social environment or environment of communication. In language explanation i start from most interest's phenomena of extending language and some notions like "Language Aberration" &"Contextual Grammar" and later about "Area Languages" & "Formation Area Languages".
You will see that possible talking about language without binding with one language (also i am try to find time write this blog more then one or two languages) will see in future...

This is blog made for accepting my profile on Amazon Studios and for my literature publications / all other information later...

p/s this publication - will may changed in future and will be translate on more languages after i will start "On Air" my "Projects Behind" and i find more personal time.

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