суббота, 11 декабря 2010 г.

Replicas in Design

This is main theme in new design. Now in Internet many designers view work others designers, and they not interesting to spend more time for create their own new designs. More and more times Designers only copy some work others designers or collaborative design ideas and add in their speed created new designs, and this is not good.

Sometimes people create their own designs but in reality other people create close designs too and difficult to understand who create this design? - in reality – who more famous – more simple say – this is my design and others only copycreators – they are not designers, and this is also not good.

For me difficult work in this environment create something new, and if your new idea accumulate knowledge's and open ideas other designers – in my own design – and I think – then more you invest in your own design, you create more unique design, you working hardly and not only accumulate other designs or translate in new forms – possible and absolutely need create something new and unique – and now we backward to my first determination notion about design – design – this is always will be “creating something new...”

I trying to not attend to gap of translation or reusing not my ideas – but in reality – this is very difficult because need hard work – for creation new and absolutely new! Then need create and recreate design.

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