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Ideal mobile phone design

After days of evolution the mobile telephone – we see – different forms, types, styles and user-ability => how forming ideal phone design in the time.

Of course the technologies - effect to forming end form of phone design, and now we see phone like slim thin gadget, what for us does not possible will see this design 5 years before.

This images (see above - "some sizes not correct!") help to good understand

In this models like BL40, BL20, GB940 – we see how different ideas about phone purpose – forming end form phone. In reality on this models possible to see – what is means ideal phone design…

One purpose – super mobility – phone that always with you, - one example – gb940 (President of Russian Federation sometimes used same model)

Second purpose BL40 – in reality evolution of phones , main aim this design comfort talk with interlocutor, strong stretch determine good distance ear relatively speaker, mouth relatively transmitter. And other main element in this design – full absence mechanical buttons – only touch screen interface. (Many people – who used this phone, say - that it phone good lays in hands.)

Third design - slider BL20 – good example of mechanical sense of transforming phone then need to activating. (This model sometimes helps people calm down - when they are open and close phone…)

In last understanding about forms – program conditional – good primer(example) – iphone 3g/4g

Phone interface and program supplying and user-ability – all’s visible on screen and design this phone is only interface design viewing on screen, screen – forming design. And now to possible saying =) ideal design of mobile phone is – thin cubic form and one or two screen on full space one side or two… and all!

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